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Water softener salts FAQ'S

What different types of salt can be used in a water softener.

For water softener applications three types of salt are usually sold:
- Bulk water softener salt
- Bags of Granular salt
- Bags of Salt tablets

Can we use Rock Salt in a Water Softener

Mainly Rock salt has lots of particulates that are not water-soluble. This can result in the water softening brine reservoirs getting blocked up frequently.

Usually Rock salt is not as expensive as granular or tablet salt, but if you choose to use it it will defiantly cause you problems with the associated water softener down the line.

Granular salt comes in a granular form as the name suggests, in appearance it is more like sea salt than table salt. Salt tablets are more like extra strong mints in appearance and are generally less messy to handle.

There would be no difference in performance of the water softener by using either granular or tablet salt.

When you make a decision about which salt to use, please consider how much salt is used and how often the water softener needs cleaning out, Bear in mind the water softener design. 

Can you mix water softener salts,

Yes you can mix water softener salts or change from granular salt to salt tablets.

When do I need to add salt to my softener.

It depends on the type of water softener you have but as a general rule the brine tank or reservoir should be topped up when it gets down to 1/3rd capacity.

Top up the tank with salt to around the 2/3rds level.

Where can I buy an industrial water softener - You can purchase an
Industrial Water Softener from here

Where can I buy a domestic water softener - Domestic Water Softeners can either be purchased direct from this site or from our dedicated Domestic Water Softener Website



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